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On top of Spaghetti… November 11, 2008

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Since we are lazy vegans and having no desire to cook tonight after my  long hours at work and venturing out of the apartment for much of the day, we opted for Pizza Luce. Kala ordered the old stand by, the Mock Muffeletta and I opted for the Spaghetti since i had been craving pasta for a few days. Luce is more than willing to veganize the dish with veggie balls instead of meat and omitting the cheese, it also includes a little bit of garlic toast. I have had it a few times prior, and its usually a little better dine in but the delivery version is good too.  The sauce is good and garlicky but not overpowering, and the veggie balls are tasty and have a nice texture.  The pasta craving was very much satisfied.


Photos by Kala


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