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Say It With Cupcakes June 24, 2009

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Yesterday at my knitting group we had a little going away party for one of the ladies who is leaving us for a job in Indiana.  So of course I had to bring cupcakes!  This is probably the fourth time I’ve brought cupcakes to my knitting group and they always go over really well which is good, especially since I’m the only vegan there.  I made a batch of my standard chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and I also tried a new recipe for strawberry cupcakes.




The recipe is from the awesome book The Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.  They are super yummy and have a nice strawberry flavor throughout, I’ll definitely be making these again!  And while I was baking and decorating these little lovelies, I was wearing my new Pirate Cupcake Apron that I bought from Dog Bone Art’s Etsy Shop:




And heads up, we’re almost at 100 posts here and we’ll be having a contest very soon to celebrate 🙂




So why does John hop anyway? June 13, 2009

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Way back in March,  I gave Kala a copy of the Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry, and at long last we made something from it.  The dish of the day:  Creole Hoppin’ John and to add a little green I improvised a spicy sauteed spinach. For the uninitiated Hoppin John is spicy black-eyed peas and rice.

It was a very tasty meal and the only tweak I made was adding a bit more heat to it.  It was fairly easy  although a bit time consuming with soaking the beans and the rice overnight and a longish cooking time the next day.   Besides being good the first night it was amazing the second day, I think I might even like it a bit better on the second day.  This will be a recipe we will try again in the future.


Photos by Kala



We gotta fritatta June 5, 2009

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This week when we went about planning meals for the week I wanted  to make something from one of the new cookbooks that have been coming out.  We opted for the Fritatta  from Vegan Brunch by Isa Moskowitz.  Since I can never leave good enough alone I replaced the chard the recipe called for with spinach, if for no other reason we had a bunch of spinach in the fridge. Beyond the green substitution I followed the recipe as written.  It was very tasty, and very easy. The only changes we might make next time is perhaps adding a few minutes to the baking time to get a bit more of a crust to it,  and maybe adding a few mushrooms into the mix.


Photo by Kala


Anniversary Eatin’ June 2, 2009

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Yesterday was our one year wedding anniversary (yay for us!) so of course there had to be some fancy eatin’ going on.  Well, as fancy as Ecopolitan can be 🙂  For those who aren’t local, Ecopolitan is an organic, raw, vegan restaurant in Minneapolis that serves all sorts of yummy goodness.  I had the Not-Cho Cheese Plate which is pine nut “cheese” on greens with bell pepper, cucumber, marinated mushrooms, onion, cilantro, cashew sour cream, and hot sauce:


Shane had the Pesto Pasta which is pine nut pesto on zucchini noodles with tomato, marinated mushrooms, and walnuts served on balsamic  dressed spinach:


It was all crazy delicious and usual!  We had planned on getting a dessert there but we had a super sucky waitress so we opted for Oatscream shakes at the Wedge instead (I got strawberry, Shane got mocha.)  Yay for yumminess!