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Mock Muffeleta April 10, 2008

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Since Shane and I are going to see Jesse Malin tonight (squee!) we decided to have food delivered for dinner.  One of our favorites is the Mock Muffeleta from Pizza Luce.  BBQ sauce, olives, peppers, tomato, mock duck, what’s not to love?


2 Responses to “Mock Muffeleta”

  1. drlaura Says:

    so, this from a girl who’s lived in ny, or, wa, ks, tx, ok, and japan,
    what is a muffleta?
    is it a regional thing?
    when i was teaching at Vassar, we learned about eggplant pizza [which is yummers while warm but beyond gross when cold and leftover the next day]. It was easy to find yummy Italian or Chinese food in NY, but sooo hard to get good Mexican!

    blessings, L

  2. […] of the apartment for much of the day, we opted for Pizza Luce. Kala ordered the old stand by, the Mock Muffeletta and I opted for the Spaghetti since i had been craving pasta for a few days. Luce is more than […]

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