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Beans of Fury!!!!! March 30, 2009

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One of our favorite places for quick and cheap vegan eats, Baja-Sol announced a salsa contest about a week and a half ago. They gave a super short time frame to submit recipes, but we made it. My entry the Beans of Fury salsa contains tomatoes, habanero peppers, red and white onions garlic lime juice, cilantro and black beans and chickpeas.  Sadly Kala’s entry the Mango Mojito salsa was not photographed.

–Shane        Photos by Kala



Worst. Nuggets. Ever March 25, 2009

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Shane and I spotted these Cluckphrey vegan Chic-A-Roos at Whole Foods last night and had to try them, I’m always up for trying something new and vegan from the freezer section, and I love me some nuggets.  Big mistake!  These are by the far the most worst nuggets I’ve ever tasted, they’re the kind of thing that make people think vegan food is sad and gross.  They looked pretty sad coming out of the oven, pale and unappetizing, and their looks did not deceive.  They manage to be both bland and icky, dry and mushy, and they even smell nasty!


Big waste of money, yuck!



Cupcakes! March 24, 2009

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You know with my love of cupcakes it was only a matter of time before I got some sort of special stand for them!  When I saw the little cupcake stands from VeganDish on etsy, I knew one had to to mine.  That’s the evil thing about having an etsy shop, you’re always finding new stuff to buy!  But this is great, it’s so cute and the perfect size to showcase the awesomeness that are vegan cupcakes.  This one is chocolate with vanilla frosting tinted a light aqua for a baby shower: 




The Lazy Vegan: Whole Foods take and bake pizza March 22, 2009

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A couple of weeks ago I had a My Space bulletin from Teese by Chicago Soy Dairy announcing that Whole Foods would be having a vegan pizza in the deli made with Teese mozzarella and Upton Naturals seitan italian sausage, and Minnesota Whole Foods would be among the stores stocking the new deli item.  We assumed that we would only see it at the Minneapolis store that gets most of the vegan product love. However we had a surprise  at the end our weekly grocery run.   The pizza was in the deli case,  just asking for a good home.

To start off the price point was $11.99 a little expensive but less than other  vegan pizza options for its size.  We baked it on our pizza stone the crust bubbled nicely, sadly like much of whole foods deli items it was lacking in the flavor department, as was the sauce. The cheese and the sausage were good but we were hoping for a bit more zing out of the sausage, on the whole it was a good pizza, but it did not blow us away.  It was the perfect cold pizza for breakfast pizza, the Teese took on the same consistancy and flavor of my favorite dive pizza joint from my pre-vegan days Pagliai’s in Mankato, MN (who will by the way make you vegan stuff on request).


Photo by Kala


Happy Birthday Kala March 11, 2009

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Well dear readers today(March 11th) is Kala’s birthday and I just want to wish my beautiful wife and co-admin  a happy birthday, and many many more to come!