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The Lazy Vegan: Evol Foods Tofu and Spinach Saute Burrito February 1, 2011

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At a loss for a lunch idea Kala and I picked up some Evol Foods tofu and spinach saute burritos from the frozen food section at our local Whole Foods. We prepared them in the microwave. The results were acceptable, but not spectacular.  The biggest complaint we both had was that the burrito was bland, and the big chunks of potato added little to the burrito over all. It made a decent light lunch but did really needed some hot sauce to give it some zing!  Kala also did not care for the texture of the tofu, as it had the spongy/chewy frozen and thawed tofu texture, although I thought the texture of the tofu was a point in its favor.

As for if we might try them again, maybe especially if they were on sale, I think I would also like to try the Veggie Fajita burrito to see if there is any more zing involved. I think maybe paired with some guacamole or maybe preparing them in the oven might also improve our over all experience.

–Shane Photos by Kala


3 Responses to “The Lazy Vegan: Evol Foods Tofu and Spinach Saute Burrito”

  1. Hey! Thanks for the review and feedback about our Tofu burrito! I would strongly encourage you to try our Veggie Fajita burrito and I am more than happy to send you some free coupons. Just email me at:

  2. Gauri Radha गौरी राधा Says:

    Looks good.

  3. tofurkey hickory smoked my most favorite!!! i love the bold, smokey flavor. also the texture of tofurkey slices is perfection. tofurkey oven roasted are very good! the ”oven roasted” flavor is a bit light which is okay because it doesnt take away from other flavors/condiments. lightlife smokey tempeh strips fakin bacon i cannot express how much i love this, its my favorite vegan product. i make sure i always have a package in the fridge because its so easy to prepare (no more marinating!) a couple minutes in the skillet and its ready to eat. perfect TLT’s! really though, i have turned onivores into loving this tempeh. try it! yves veggie bologna deli slices tastes very real…which is kind of eerie. but if you like bologna (which i dont) then you’ll like it. yves veggie turkey deli slices eek i threw my package out..the texture is very thick and the color is not very appetizing. also i thought they tasted flavoress.

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