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The perfect dog August 5, 2012

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So in many years of being vegan, the perfect vegan frankfurter has been some what elusive. Sure there were some good enough ones: Smart Dogs and Tofu Pups, but both left something to be desired, they duplicated the bargain basement version of hot dogs very well, but not that perfect dog.

Field Roast has finally perfected the vegan frank. Field Roast’s dogs have the right amount of snap and smokiness that captures at least what i remember high-end hotdogs to taste like. Add some good mustard and a little onion relish or sauerkraut and you are good to go.

Oh and they are six franks to a pack so no leftover bun dilemmas.



The Lazy Vegan: Channa Masala April 4, 2011

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You ever have one of those nights when any sort of effort is just too much…effort?  Well, when it comes to dinner at least, tonight is definitely one of those nights!  Luckily I had a packet of Tasty Bite Channa Masala that I picked up today at Whole Foods (it’s on sale!) to rescue me.  Because I can never leave well enough alone, I added a big handful of spinach, some crushed red peppers, and a bit of Sriracha to the mix:

Yum!  This is the first time I’ve had anything from Tasty Bite, the husband is a fan, but for some reason I’ve just never given their packets a try.  Oh, and if it looks like I had my channa masala on an english muffin, it’s because I did 🙂



The Lazy Vegan: Evol Foods Tofu and Spinach Saute Burrito February 1, 2011

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At a loss for a lunch idea Kala and I picked up some Evol Foods tofu and spinach saute burritos from the frozen food section at our local Whole Foods. We prepared them in the microwave. The results were acceptable, but not spectacular.  The biggest complaint we both had was that the burrito was bland, and the big chunks of potato added little to the burrito over all. It made a decent light lunch but did really needed some hot sauce to give it some zing!  Kala also did not care for the texture of the tofu, as it had the spongy/chewy frozen and thawed tofu texture, although I thought the texture of the tofu was a point in its favor.

As for if we might try them again, maybe especially if they were on sale, I think I would also like to try the Veggie Fajita burrito to see if there is any more zing involved. I think maybe paired with some guacamole or maybe preparing them in the oven might also improve our over all experience.

–Shane Photos by Kala


Holiday Eats!!! December 9, 2010

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So, the holidays are on us once again, and with them comes the required amount of feasting, and festiveness.  This brings up the question of what to eat. There are a growing list of options from Tofurkey, to Field Roast and the UnTurkey

This past Thanksgiving we tried a newest product to enter the holiday roast market the Gardein Savory Stuffed Turk’y a seasonal product that is available for the holidays at Whole Foods and other natural foods retailers.

The package comes with two stuffed Turk’y “breasts,”  and Turk’y gravy. The Turk’y had a good flavor and texture, it was lightly breaded and well seasoned with out being overly salty.  The stuffing was nice but not quite as good as homemade.

The one real issue Kala and I had was the gravy, it tasted a bit too much like real turkey and was a little on the sour side. It was not my favorite part of the meal, we were happy we had some Hain brown gravy to replace it with.

On the whole it was a mixed experience.  I think we would get the product again, but discard the gravy straight away.  So if you are listening Mr Ronnen, here is what we would really like in a holiday product, something we can stuff with our own stuffing.  We love every thing we have tried thus far from Gardein, but a stuff-able breast would make the ideal holiday vegan meal, at least for those of us who would like to have a bit more hands on in our holiday meal.


Photo by Kala


Mac and Cheese June 9, 2010

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On a recent trip to our local vegan shop, Fast and Furless (love that place!) I picked up a package of Leahey Gardens Macaroni and Cheese.  I’d seen this stuff around and was curious, but hadn’t tried it since my experiences with packages of vegan mac and cheese have been less than awesome.  But I must say I’m pleasantly surprised with this stuff!  My only complaint is that it’s a bit bland on it’s own, but a bit of freshly ground pepper helped that situation a lot.  For less than $3 a package you get about three servings of quick food, so that’s always a nice thing to have in the pantry, especially in the summer.  It also comes in a gluten free variety and I wish they would make a whole wheat pasta variety since I’m not a huge fan of regular pasta.  All in all, I’d have this stuff again for sure!  Have any of you guys tried this stuff?



Mmmmmm cookies!!! February 20, 2010

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Kala and I were out and about today( we picked up a deepdish pizza pan and coffee extract at Sur La Table, I am sure  it will be featured in a future post).  Since  some caffeine was needed stopped for some evil corporate coffee at Starbucks, we also were able to sample a new vegan and glutenfree brand of cookies: Dr. Lucy’s. We tried the chocolate chip variety.  The cookies are small a good snack size and very crunchy, good for dunking in some soymilk or coffee.  They have a flavor and texture very similar to the Bob’s Red Mill gluten free cookies of a few posts ago.  On the whole they provided the crunch snack I was looking for. I would like to try some of the other varieties at some point in the future.


Photos by Kala


Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies January 26, 2010

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Cookies from a mix! I’ve never made cookies from in a mix in my entire life, but I wanted to try this gluten free mix from Bob’s Red Mill so there so you. First warning, do not, I repeat DO NOT taste the dough before you bake it, trust me! One of the main ingredients is garbanzo bean flour which I think tastes like pure evil before it’s baked. I made the mistake of tasting the dough and almost tossed the whole mess in the trash. Luckily I didn’t though because they are super yummy once baked! For sure not as good as totally homemade cookies, but good in a pinch 🙂



Veggie fried yum yum September 14, 2009

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I can’t say enough about the awesome that is Vegan Yum Yum by Laura Ulm.  The latest recipe we tried was the vegetable fried rice with tofu.  Fried rice is one of those things I can’t get enough of and this is an amazing recipe, tasty and easy to make.  There are a wide array of veggies involved: zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, broccoli,  spinach, snow peas, and carrots along with tofu and sesame seeds (we used black sesame) and a very simple yet tasty sauce.

Really everyone should just go out and get the book, we are seriously going to break the  spine with the amount of use we have gotten out of it in just 14 days. It just might be the best cookbook out this year.

–Shane     Photos by Kala



Chocolate Zucchini Bread August 20, 2009

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Holy crap this stuff is delicious!  Last Tuesday at my knitting group, someone brought a loaf of chocolate zucchini bread that smelled heavenly.  It wasn’t vegan though so I didn’t get to try any, but she told me where she got the recipe so I could make some of my own.  The recipe is from Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchenand it was crazy easy to veganize, all I had to do was use Ener-G instead of the eggs.  I also used nutmeg instead of allspice because allspice is evil and gross 🙂 I totally recommend this recipe though, the bread is so moist and delicious and not overly sweet, it’s also a great way to use up zucchini!




Muffin Quest July 28, 2009

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Muffin Quest, the eternal search for the perfect blueberry muffin.  Every once in a while, I loves me a good muffin, and that good muffin is usually blueberry.  But I haven’t really found a recipe that I love yet, not that I haven’t tried many of them.  Last night I made two batches, first I made the Bakery Style Berry Muffins from Vegan Brunch and then I made a batch of the Blueberry Lemon Muffins from The Joy of Vegan Baking.  First, the ones from Vegan Brunch:


Good texture, pretty good flavor, but there could definitely be improvements.  The flavor just isn’t quite there for me.  And the ones from The Joy of Vegan Baking:


I really don’t like the texture of these, they’re weirdly smooth.  The flavor is good though, I like the lemon with the blueberry, it’s a nice combo.  So maybe the perfect muffin is somewhere in between, more experimentation is needed!  Do any of you have a great go-to blueberry muffin recipe?