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Because there’s nothing more exciting than cereal… December 31, 2008

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Ok, maybe cereal isn’t the most exciting topic, but it’s been really hard for me to find a yummy vegan cereal that isn’t 99% sugar.  But I think I finally found a winner in Nature’s Path’s Organic Flax Plus Multibran Cereal.  It tastes good, it’s low in calories and fat, and it’s full of fiber and Omega-3 goodness from the flax.  And it’s not even horrifyingly expensive, especially if you get it at Whole Foods, it was more than $2 cheaper there than at the supermarket. 




So go make your colon happy and eat some fiber!  🙂

p.s. Happy New Year!




Cinnamon Buns December 26, 2008

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Is there any better smell in the world than cinnamon buns in the oven?  I think not!  We decided to have these for Christmas day this year instead of cookies since we’d already made so many cookies leading up to the big day. 

It’s weird that I love cinnamon buns so much since I was never much of a fan before I was vegan, but these are really yummy.  The recipe is my own, I worked on it forever to get it just right, and maybe I’ll post it one day (I’m so stingy with the recipes!)




Cookie Wars: the Gingerbread Strikes Back! December 24, 2008

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Chewbacca the Wookie

Chewbacca the Wookie



Its holiday time again, and for the last couple of years we have been making gingerbread cookies from the Post Punk Kitchen, this year was no exception. This was our second batch of them this season.  Kala made a pig man, and a pirate that did not survive the night.  I made a no frills gingerbread man (he met an early demise as well) and since its not Christmas for me without Star Wars I made an Ewok and Chewbacca. Chewy’s hair was created by pushing some dough threw a garlic press.  Thanks Martha Stewart!!!!


Photos by Kala




The curious case of Doctor Cow December 17, 2008

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Recently I placed an order with vegan essentials for some gifts for Kala and along with these items I ordered some vegan cheeses, one of them being  Dr-Cow aged cashew.

First off its a very small wheel of cheese, at a price point that makes it an every once-in-a-while product.  The flavor is very sharp, and tangy, texture wise its a waxy crumbly cheese.  I tried it plain, and with crackers, and enjoyed it both ways.  I think I could quickly down the whole thing if I were not pacing myself.  Kala on the other hand thought it was horrible, and nasty tasting. We have had disagreements like this before over the Cheezly sharp cheddar.

I would recomend trying Dr-Cow espescially if you were a fan of more potent cheeses, I think I will likely try other varieties in the future, although I think it will be just me doing the tasting.


Photos: Kala



Cake! December 16, 2008

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Last night was our 3 year dating anniversary so we had to have cake.  It was absolutely necessary!  Well, we could have had cookies, but we didn’t have the ingredients to make any of the ones that looked good, so old faithful chocolate cake was what we had, with green frosting to make it festive.  I also added some coconut into the cake batter – yum!





Snickerdoodles! December 14, 2008

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Weird name, great cookie.  I’ve made snickerdoodles before around the holidays, but this is the first time I made them since I’ve been with Shane.  I tried a new recipe last night, the one from Vegan Yum Yum, and it was awesome.  The only changes I made were that I used baking powder instead of cream of tarter (we didn’t have any) and I had to add some soymilk because it’s so dry here right now.   They’re soft, slightly chewy, and full of cinnamon sugary goodness!




Peanut and Chocolate Biscotti December 5, 2008

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Last night I made biscotti for the first time in maybe ten years.  So that would be high school, yikes!  Anyway, the recipe came out of one of those holiday cookie magazines that come out this time of year, Christmas Cookies from Better Homes and Gardens.  The only thing that really had to be changed about the recipe was the egg situation, I used 3 “eggs” worth of Ener-G and it worked out great.  The cookies themselves are really good, very peanutty and chocolately – what’s not to love?






Chocolate Mint Creme Cookies December 1, 2008

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Chocolate and mint, one of my absolute favorite flavor combos, together at last in a super yummy cookie!  They’re the Chocolate and Mint Creme cookies from Back to Nature; I first tasted these earlier in November when Mississippi Market had them out for sampling.  After many visits back to the sample bowl, I decided to come back for them later, they seemed more like something I wanted to eat during the holiday season.  So I got some last night at Whole Foods (they didn’t have them at Mississippi Market) and I’ve been picking at them ever since.  I’m justifying the cookies I had for breakfast by saying that today is our six month wedding anniversary (it’s also my parents’ 30th – crazy!) although I’ll have to come up with another excuse for when I have some for breakfast tomorrow.




These are perfect, I’ve had the mint Oreos and I think those are gross, way too pepperminty.  Newman’s Own also makes a similar looking cookie but I can’t eat any of their baked goods because they have traces of dairy, grrrr.  Yay to Back to Nature for making Vegan and lactose intollerance friendly cookies!