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Caramel Pecan Bun! August 14, 2010

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First of all, sorry for the long absense, Shane and I have had a crazy few months, our last apartment flooded and after a lot of drama and us having to get the health department involved, we decided it was time to move ūüôā¬† And you guys know how crazy moving is, right?¬† Especially if you’re doing most of the work yourselves.¬† Anyway, we should be back to posting regularly here again, yay!¬† Here’s a little something we shared today:

It’s a Caramel Pecan Bun from Breadsmith and it was AMAZING!¬† Breadsmith is a bakery chain that has a fair amount of vegan goodies, this was our first time visiting one so of course we had to get¬†a sweet ūüôā¬†



Crafternoon Eats March 20, 2010

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I officially have the best lady friends ever, we got together today for a crafty afternoon and of course there was a ton of food!¬† And only one thing wasn’t vegan!¬† There was a delicious barley/bean/veggie salad, homemade lemonade, hummus, guacamole, chips, thumbprint cookies,¬†and an amazing chocolate peanut butter cake:

This cake was made by the lovely Kelaine using this awesome recipe¬†from the Tasty Kitchen.¬† And because she’s not vegan, I got to keep the leftover margarine and chocolate chips she bought, score!¬† Yay for awesome omni friends who always make sure there’s food for me!



Vegan Bake Sale! January 31, 2010

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Now if I was a sensible young lady, there would be lots of pictures of all the goodies Shane and I bought at yesterday’s vegan bake sale for Haiti.¬† But since it’s me, I ate everything except one muffin before I could take pictures:

But it’s a damn fine muffin!¬† It’s a cranberry almond muffin and it’s moist and delicious ūüôā¬† We also got a gluten free coconut lime cupcake, a green tea cupcake, zucchini bread, and two kinds of cookies.¬† Hey, I had to stuff my face, it was for a good cause!¬† The bake sale was at the Animal Rights Coalition in Minneapolis and they raised $580 for the animals of Haiti, yay!



Gluten Free Goodies July 15, 2009

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Today before work Shane and I decided to take a walk over to Cooqi, a gluten free bakery in Saint Paul, for a little treat.¬† Their vegan selection is limited to say the least but their pumpkin chocolate chip bars are pretty good.¬† Would I go out of my way to go there if it wasn’t in my neighborhood?¬† Not a chance, the service isn’t great and the atmosphere is lame, but¬†a vegan pumpkin bar within walking distance gets me every time!





Anniversary Eatin’ June 2, 2009

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Yesterday was our one year wedding anniversary (yay for us!) so of course there had to be some fancy eatin’ going on.¬† Well, as fancy as Ecopolitan¬†can be ūüôā¬† For those who aren’t local, Ecopolitan is an organic, raw, vegan restaurant in Minneapolis¬†that serves all sorts of yummy goodness.¬† I had the Not-Cho Cheese Plate which is pine nut “cheese” on greens with bell pepper, cucumber, marinated mushrooms, onion, cilantro, cashew sour cream, and hot sauce:


Shane had the Pesto Pasta which is pine nut pesto on zucchini noodles with tomato, marinated mushrooms, and walnuts served on balsamic  dressed spinach:


It was all crazy delicious and usual!  We had planned on getting a dessert there but we had a super sucky waitress so we opted for Oatscream shakes at the Wedge instead (I got strawberry, Shane got mocha.)  Yay for yumminess!



Eden Pizza May 29, 2009

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Today for lunch Shane and I decided to try someplace new, well new to us anyway, we went to Eden Pizza in the Midway area of Saint Paul.¬† Since I found out that they had¬†¬†a pizza called “Vegan” I had to go and see if it was any good.¬† Since we weren’t crazy hungry, we¬†split a¬†Vegan personal pizza which comes with a thin crust brushed with garlic infused olive oil, red and yellow peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and green olives.¬† The crust was quite crunchy which isn’t my favorite thing in the world but overall the pizza was pretty good.¬† Next time I think we’ll get something with more of a sauce though, if you ask, they have a marinara that’s vegan (their standard pizza sauce has cheese in it).¬† The also¬†have a Thai pizza that sounds really good, the Thai Mock Duck that’s topped with Thai sauce (we asked¬†and they said this was vegan), mock duck, onion,¬†broccoli, swiss (we’d leave that off of course), cilantro, and crushed peanuts.¬† It’s a tiny place and the service isn’t exactly stellar – no waiter while we were there, just the pizza chef – but I think we’ll be back or at least have a pizza delivered.





Field Trip: Farmer’s Market September 20, 2008

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Today’s adventure was an early morning (well, early for me) trip to the Saint Paul Farmer’s Market.¬† I’ve been wanting to go for¬†quite a while but Shane rarely has a¬†weekend day off and when he does we don’t always want to wake up super early.¬† But¬†the call of cheap and lovely veggies was too strong today and we finally¬†made it out there.¬† There were purty flowers:




Peppers galore:



More random veggies:



Cute little melons that we didn’t¬†try but should have:




Here’s Shane making some sort of important decision:


And me smiling like a dork:



It was fun little adventure and we came home with a ton of veggies for very little money.  We got little baskets of jalapenos, poblanos, cucumbers, and some green onion and bell peppers as well.




Eating our way through the state fair August 28, 2008

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Yesterday, Shane and I made our annual trip to the Minnesota State Fair.¬† We go¬†ever year for the exhibits, carnies, fire eating munchkins, and of course, the food!¬† You’d be surprised at how much vegan crap there is to¬†eat at the state fair if you know where to look.¬† Even if you’re on¬†of those weirdo¬†health food vegans ( I know you’re out there!) there are plenty of choices, including fruit galore.¬† The first nosh of the day was had¬†here:




Delicious piping hot french fries, yay!  Had with soda and ketchup of course. 

Root Beer from Shane’s favorite root beer shack:



Frozen apple cider pops (sooo good and only 75 cents!):


Falafel on a stick and hummus with pita chips from Holy Land:




Not pictured are the samples we had:¬†¬†Shane had some Peace Coffee and we both had a kettle corn sample.¬† I wasn’t impressed but Shane liked it.¬† We didn’t go on any rides but we did make our way through the haunted¬†mansion:



And walking through the midway is always fun:






Honeymoon in Duluth June 8, 2008

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Hey, Shane and I got married last week!¬† There will be lots of pictures of wedding food later when I get them from the various people who were taking pictures that day.¬† But for now I thought I’d share some of the honeymoon food from our trip to Duluth.

First up, Burrito Union.¬† Super awesome and very vegan friendly,¬†Burrito Union is a restaurant that specializes in – guess what???? –¬†burritos, very¬†good.¬† We went with the build your own burrito option and¬†had ours stuffed with a veggie¬†medley, Spanish rice, black beans, guacamole, jalapenos, salsa,¬†and olives.¬† We also¬†had a side of their “hot” salsa, very yummy¬†but not hot.¬† Ok, it’s Minnesota hot.¬†



I really wish they had a Burrito Union in the¬†twin cities, we will defiantly be back the next time we’re in Duluth.¬†

We also had a¬†lovely meal at Pizza Luce but I¬†was so hungry that night¬†that I didn’t¬†take any good food pics.¬† So you’ll have to settle for me drinking water, mmmmmm water.¬†




On our way out of town, we stopped at the Whole Foods Co-op (not to be confused with Whole Foods market) for breakfast.  We got a banana muffin that was pretty good if not a wee bit dry and we loaded up on the salad bar:



There was a tofu dish, some tasty beans and onions, garbanzo beans, olives, peppers, and sweet potato fries.  It was really good all mixed up in the box. 

More to come later!



Living Green Expo May 8, 2008

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This last weekend, the Shane and I took the free bus trip out to the Living Green Expo at the fairgrounds.¬† It turned out to be a lot of fun and there was even vegan food to be had!¬†¬†Here’s me¬†at the hemp milk booth:



It was the first time I’d had hemp¬†milk and it was¬†pretty good.¬† I still favor soy but¬†I think I liked it better than rice milk.¬† When lunch time rolled around, we opted for vegan pizza by the slice (who wouldn’t?)¬† It was from Galactic Pizza and it was awesome.





And, of course, we laughed at the people who were talking about how much they care about the environment while they were standing in this line: