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Caramel Pecan Bun! August 14, 2010

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First of all, sorry for the long absense, Shane and I have had a crazy few months, our last apartment flooded and after a lot of drama and us having to get the health department involved, we decided it was time to move ūüôā¬† And you guys know how crazy moving is, right?¬† Especially if you’re doing most of the work yourselves.¬† Anyway, we should be back to posting regularly here again, yay!¬† Here’s a little something we shared today:

It’s a Caramel Pecan Bun from Breadsmith and it was AMAZING!¬† Breadsmith is a bakery chain that has a fair amount of vegan goodies, this was our first time visiting one so of course we had to get¬†a sweet ūüôā¬†



Crafternoon Eats March 20, 2010

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I officially have the best lady friends ever, we got together today for a crafty afternoon and of course there was a ton of food!¬† And only one thing wasn’t vegan!¬† There was a delicious barley/bean/veggie salad, homemade lemonade, hummus, guacamole, chips, thumbprint cookies,¬†and an amazing chocolate peanut butter cake:

This cake was made by the lovely Kelaine using this awesome recipe¬†from the Tasty Kitchen.¬† And because she’s not vegan, I got to keep the leftover margarine and chocolate chips she bought, score!¬† Yay for awesome omni friends who always make sure there’s food for me!



Vegan Bake Sale! January 31, 2010

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Now if I was a sensible young lady, there would be lots of pictures of all the goodies Shane and I bought at yesterday’s vegan bake sale for Haiti.¬† But since it’s me, I ate everything except one muffin before I could take pictures:

But it’s a damn fine muffin!¬† It’s a cranberry almond muffin and it’s moist and delicious ūüôā¬† We also got a gluten free coconut lime cupcake, a green tea cupcake, zucchini bread, and two kinds of cookies.¬† Hey, I had to stuff my face, it was for a good cause!¬† The bake sale was at the Animal Rights Coalition in Minneapolis and they raised $580 for the animals of Haiti, yay!



Gluten Free Goodies July 15, 2009

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Today before work Shane and I decided to take a walk over to Cooqi, a gluten free bakery in Saint Paul, for a little treat.¬† Their vegan selection is limited to say the least but their pumpkin chocolate chip bars are pretty good.¬† Would I go out of my way to go there if it wasn’t in my neighborhood?¬† Not a chance, the service isn’t great and the atmosphere is lame, but¬†a vegan pumpkin bar within walking distance gets me every time!





Anniversary Eatin’ June 2, 2009

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Yesterday was our one year wedding anniversary (yay for us!) so of course there had to be some fancy eatin’ going on.¬† Well, as fancy as Ecopolitan¬†can be ūüôā¬† For those who aren’t local, Ecopolitan is an organic, raw, vegan restaurant in Minneapolis¬†that serves all sorts of yummy goodness.¬† I had the Not-Cho Cheese Plate which is pine nut “cheese” on greens with bell pepper, cucumber, marinated mushrooms, onion, cilantro, cashew sour cream, and hot sauce:


Shane had the Pesto Pasta which is pine nut pesto on zucchini noodles with tomato, marinated mushrooms, and walnuts served on balsamic  dressed spinach:


It was all crazy delicious and usual!  We had planned on getting a dessert there but we had a super sucky waitress so we opted for Oatscream shakes at the Wedge instead (I got strawberry, Shane got mocha.)  Yay for yumminess!



Eden Pizza May 29, 2009

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Today for lunch Shane and I decided to try someplace new, well new to us anyway, we went to Eden Pizza in the Midway area of Saint Paul.¬† Since I found out that they had¬†¬†a pizza called “Vegan” I had to go and see if it was any good.¬† Since we weren’t crazy hungry, we¬†split a¬†Vegan personal pizza which comes with a thin crust brushed with garlic infused olive oil, red and yellow peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and green olives.¬† The crust was quite crunchy which isn’t my favorite thing in the world but overall the pizza was pretty good.¬† Next time I think we’ll get something with more of a sauce though, if you ask, they have a marinara that’s vegan (their standard pizza sauce has cheese in it).¬† The also¬†have a Thai pizza that sounds really good, the Thai Mock Duck that’s topped with Thai sauce (we asked¬†and they said this was vegan), mock duck, onion,¬†broccoli, swiss (we’d leave that off of course), cilantro, and crushed peanuts.¬† It’s a tiny place and the service isn’t exactly stellar – no waiter while we were there, just the pizza chef – but I think we’ll be back or at least have a pizza delivered.





Field Trip: Farmer’s Market September 20, 2008

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Today’s adventure was an early morning (well, early for me) trip to the Saint Paul Farmer’s Market.¬† I’ve been wanting to go for¬†quite a while but Shane rarely has a¬†weekend day off and when he does we don’t always want to wake up super early.¬† But¬†the call of cheap and lovely veggies was too strong today and we finally¬†made it out there.¬† There were purty flowers:




Peppers galore:



More random veggies:



Cute little melons that we didn’t¬†try but should have:




Here’s Shane making some sort of important decision:


And me smiling like a dork:



It was fun little adventure and we came home with a ton of veggies for very little money.  We got little baskets of jalapenos, poblanos, cucumbers, and some green onion and bell peppers as well.