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Living Green Expo May 8, 2008

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This last weekend, the Shane and I took the free bus trip out to the Living Green Expo at the fairgrounds.  It turned out to be a lot of fun and there was even vegan food to be had!  Here’s me at the hemp milk booth:



It was the first time I’d had hemp milk and it was pretty good.  I still favor soy but I think I liked it better than rice milk.  When lunch time rolled around, we opted for vegan pizza by the slice (who wouldn’t?)  It was from Galactic Pizza and it was awesome.





And, of course, we laughed at the people who were talking about how much they care about the environment while they were standing in this line:





Candy caliente!!!! May 4, 2008

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It was my turn to take a run at something from My Sweet Vegan and I opted for the spicy peanut brittle. It was ever so easy, and it had been sooooo long since I made brittle(10th grade chemistry class to be exact). It was very tasty, although I did double the cayenne pepper in the recipe giving it more of a kick. Sadly it went very very fast.  This will be made again, maybe even soon.   –Shane

Photos by Kala


Sol Food May 3, 2008

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Yeah, I couldn’t resist the cheezy title!  Cheezy why?  Cheezy because it’s about one of my favorite chain food places, Baja Sol.  If you don’t live in Minnesota you probably haven’t heard of Baja Sol, I know I hadn’t before I ended up here.  Think fast Mexican food made with fresh ingredients and best of all, free chips and salsa bar.  Here’s what we always get:



Two veggie tacos, baja style, and a side of black beans.  Yummilicious.  Yes, that is a word!  And with the AAA discount, it’s dinner for two at just under $11.  Hooray for cheap ass vegan food! 

Here’s a picture I took of the mister getting ready to dive into his tacos, note the dainty index finger in the air:





Chocolate Orange Cupcakes May 1, 2008

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I brought these little babies to knit night at Borealis on Tuesday and they were a hit once people actually started to try them.   There was a lot of “ew they’re vegan so they must be gross and taste like twigs” fear. 



The cake recipe is my own top secret chocolate cake recipe and the frosting is from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.  It’s the “buttercream” recipe with orange extract and food coloring added in, yum!