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Birthday Eats! June 30, 2010

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Yesterday was my birthday and Kala and I opted for dinner at the Triple Rock Social Club. The place is a bar owned and.operated by members of the band Dillinger Four. The place  serves up a lot of vegan friendly bar/comfort food, as well as having local and national bands play. Kala and I both opted for variations on the po’ boy sandwich. Mine was the Minneapolis po’boy, a mound of Gimme Lean and potatoes covered in vegan nacho sauce and Nayonaise. All this on a small bun, this is not a pick it up and eat it sammie. Kala had the BBQ-ed po’boy that was a smilar sized mound of mock duck and potatoes covered in a rich and spicy bbq sauce. Both were very tasty and very filling!



2 Responses to “Birthday Eats!”

  1. Mihl Says:

    Happy birthday!

  2. R. Morris Says:

    Happy Birthday!

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