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Perfect Summer Dinner June 2, 2010

Filed under: Food Talk — Kala @ 6:26 pm

My idea of a perfect Summer dinner changes all the time, but tonight it’s all about the tofu and veggie salad.  Really, any meal that doesn’t require a stove or oven is perfect when it’s hot outside 🙂  This salad is one my faves because it’s yummy and super easy to throw together for a fast and healthy dinner.  The recipe will be available soon in a zine that I’m working on, stay tuned for details! 

So what’s your perfect summer dinner?



4 Responses to “Perfect Summer Dinner”

  1. Definitely salad too!
    It’s not too bad at the moment but in another 4 weeks time it’s gonna be too hot to do anything!

  2. LeAnne Says:

    OH my WOW… How did you make that?!

  3. mihl Says:

    That looks indeed like the perfect summer dinner!

  4. Gauri Radha गौरी राधा Says:

    That looks fabulous.

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