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The Kitties Need You! May 26, 2010

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I usually don’t post anything about my Etsy shop here on the food blog, but since it’s for an important cause I have to share 🙂 I’ve you haven’t heard yet, on May 20 there was a horrible fire at the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society that completely destroyed their cat shelter area, laundry area, offices and has left them without water, electricity, or phone service. 15 precious kitties were also lost in the fire. What they need now more than anything is money to get them back on their feet.  I thought the best way I could help would be to donate sales from select items from my Etsy shop. I’ve already been able to donate $24 from the sales of a Hedgehog Meadows bag to another great seller Oh Danger and nifty Robot Pin to another awesome person. I’ll be donating 100% of the sales of the following items in my shop:

Queen Bee Project/Gift Bag

Sleepy Hedgehog Pin:

Garden Delights Project/Gift Bag:

Abstract Botany Pin Set:

Mod Monkey Project Bag:



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