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Vegan Bake Sale! January 31, 2010

Filed under: Field Trip,Food Talk — Kala @ 1:39 pm

Now if I was a sensible young lady, there would be lots of pictures of all the goodies Shane and I bought at yesterday’s vegan bake sale for Haiti.  But since it’s me, I ate everything except one muffin before I could take pictures:

But it’s a damn fine muffin!  It’s a cranberry almond muffin and it’s moist and delicious 🙂  We also got a gluten free coconut lime cupcake, a green tea cupcake, zucchini bread, and two kinds of cookies.  Hey, I had to stuff my face, it was for a good cause!  The bake sale was at the Animal Rights Coalition in Minneapolis and they raised $580 for the animals of Haiti, yay!



4 Responses to “Vegan Bake Sale!”

  1. Gary Says:

    Many kudos on the event, and that’s an awesome-looking muffin!

  2. Neighbor Says:

    Oh. That looks so nice. Almost surreal. Didn’t get one, though, so must not be real.

  3. Sharyn Says:

    When we dropped by we wound up getting some sesame ginger cookies and chocolate cake. I didn’t see the green tea cupcakes, or the muffins! That sounds reeeeeally good.

  4. Gauri Radha गौरी राधा Says:

    That looks great!!

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