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Oatmeal Almond Cookies! November 21, 2009

Filed under: Food Talk — Kala @ 1:56 pm

Aaaaaaand, we’re back!  And we have cookies 🙂

I made these babies last night, they’re oatmeal almond cookies,  a slight twist on my standard oatmeal cookies.  We didn’t have quite enough canola oil so I added in just a bit of olive oil and hoped that it wouldn’t be gross.  It was quite a yummy sub actually!  I also added a ton of slivered almonds and forgot to add in the cinnamon and nutmeg.  So they really taste like completely different cookies, but in a very good way 🙂



One Response to “Oatmeal Almond Cookies!”

  1. mihl Says:

    Almonds in cookies are the best thing ever!

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