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Fusion powered pizza September 18, 2009

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Way back in 2007 Kala and I entered the Vegetarian Times magazine reader recipe contest.  My entry was a Thai Chik’N Pizza, oh and it won 3rd place.  Wednesday night we revisited the recipe as we do from time to time.  I stuck fairly close to the published recipe only substituting some ketchup (2 tsp) and a little lemon juice (1/2 tsp) for the tamarind paste and instead of Morning Star Farms Chik’N strips we  used our beloved mock duck, because well mock duck is just tastier. The results were super tasty, and maybe better than the original.


Photos by Kala



2 Responses to “Fusion powered pizza”

  1. mihl Says:

    Congratulations! It looks beautiful with cilantro on top.

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