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Muffin Quest July 28, 2009

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Muffin Quest, the eternal search for the perfect blueberry muffin.  Every once in a while, I loves me a good muffin, and that good muffin is usually blueberry.  But I haven’t really found a recipe that I love yet, not that I haven’t tried many of them.  Last night I made two batches, first I made the Bakery Style Berry Muffins from Vegan Brunch and then I made a batch of the Blueberry Lemon Muffins from The Joy of Vegan Baking.  First, the ones from Vegan Brunch:


Good texture, pretty good flavor, but there could definitely be improvements.  The flavor just isn’t quite there for me.  And the ones from The Joy of Vegan Baking:


I really don’t like the texture of these, they’re weirdly smooth.  The flavor is good though, I like the lemon with the blueberry, it’s a nice combo.  So maybe the perfect muffin is somewhere in between, more experimentation is needed!  Do any of you have a great go-to blueberry muffin recipe?




5 Responses to “Muffin Quest”

  1. some blueberry muffins (like these martha ones that would have to be veganized - have cornmeal in them, which I thought might be good… I just use the one from vegweb

  2. Roses R Red Says:

    I sometimes make blueberry crumble vegan muffins which are delicious! i should do a post on them soon because I sometimes get asked for the recipe.


  3. Mihl Says:

    I hope you find the perfect recipe soon, because I want it too. 😀

  4. jan Says:

    Thanks for letting Erik and I sample the fruits of your quest. I thought they were yummy. Some of the best muffins I have had. tx, Jan

  5. lea Says:

    You’ve got to try the blueberry muffins with crumb topping from vegweb- they are out of this world! I use this recipe when I make blueberry muffins at the farmer’s market and people rave about them. I use less EB in the crumb topping so it’s more struesel like and doesn’t melt into the muffin. They are so light and fluffy.

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