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Portobello Burger April 24, 2009

Filed under: Food Talk,Reviews — Kala @ 1:05 pm


This isn’t the prettiest picture ever, but it’s all I could manage this afternoon!  This is my breakfast, leftovers from last night’s portobello burgers, and it’s great!  The recipe is from Jae Steele’s book Get It Ripe which Shane and I scored this week at Half Price Books for only $8, muah ha ha.  We let the leftover mushroom caps sit overnight in the marinade and I think I might like them even better on the second day.

One more thing, I’m writing on the Veganetsy Team blog every Friday now so check out my first post and show it some love, it’s full of owl-tastic goodness 🙂



One Response to “Portobello Burger”

  1. mihl Says:

    You know how to make people hungry!

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