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Worst. Nuggets. Ever March 25, 2009

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Shane and I spotted these Cluckphrey vegan Chic-A-Roos at Whole Foods last night and had to try them, I’m always up for trying something new and vegan from the freezer section, and I love me some nuggets.  Big mistake!  These are by the far the most worst nuggets I’ve ever tasted, they’re the kind of thing that make people think vegan food is sad and gross.  They looked pretty sad coming out of the oven, pale and unappetizing, and their looks did not deceive.  They manage to be both bland and icky, dry and mushy, and they even smell nasty!


Big waste of money, yuck!



3 Responses to “Worst. Nuggets. Ever”

  1. Erik Knutson Says:

    Did you cook them first? 😉

  2. Melisser Says:

    Oh no, I hate that!

  3. veganhomemade Says:

    Oh yuck! So sad, cause good nuggets are so good. And bad are so bad. My faves are TJ’s soy nuggets.

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