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Sloppy Joes February 1, 2009

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Well, they’re really called Sloppy Kalas but I can pretend for a little while that I’m not a huge dork who names her dishes after herself.  Ahem.  Anywho, this is what we had for dinner a few days ago and they were super yummy!  The mix is tvp and bean based and we had it on homemade buns with kettle chips on the side.  The chips were really good, I don’t remember what kind they were though, (bad food blogger!) we got them on clearance at the Cost Plus that’s going bye bye. 




Sloppy Joes are another thing that I never liked before going vegan and making up my own recipe, I always thought they were gross and overly sweet, bleh.  But these are really good and have a nice amount of spice to them.  Caliente you might say…






2 Responses to “Sloppy Joes”

  1. Foodeater Says:

    These look so delicious and the great photos are making me salivate!

  2. jrsimon56 Says:

    I love your blog. Such amazing pictures!

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