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The curious case of Doctor Cow December 17, 2008

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Recently I placed an order with vegan essentials for some gifts for Kala and along with these items I ordered some vegan cheeses, one of them being  Dr-Cow aged cashew.

First off its a very small wheel of cheese, at a price point that makes it an every once-in-a-while product.  The flavor is very sharp, and tangy, texture wise its a waxy crumbly cheese.  I tried it plain, and with crackers, and enjoyed it both ways.  I think I could quickly down the whole thing if I were not pacing myself.  Kala on the other hand thought it was horrible, and nasty tasting. We have had disagreements like this before over the Cheezly sharp cheddar.

I would recomend trying Dr-Cow espescially if you were a fan of more potent cheeses, I think I will likely try other varieties in the future, although I think it will be just me doing the tasting.


Photos: Kala



One Response to “The curious case of Doctor Cow”

  1. Gina Says:

    I’ve heard such mixed reviews on this cheese. I’m glad to hear you liked it!

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