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READER QUESTION: What popcorn do you like? September 12, 2008

Filed under: Food Talk — veganshane @ 12:52 pm

Well here is the scoop: our favorite brand of popcorn, Hanel Popcorn  is no more.  The sons of the owner did not wish to carry on with the business and so no more tasty popcorn for us. We are now in search of a new popping corn, and you can help! Leave us a comment about your preferred popcorn, maybe a URL?



5 Responses to “READER QUESTION: What popcorn do you like?”

  1. Shenanigans Says:

    The popcorn I’ve found that is: 1. affordable 2. somewhat palatable and 3. mostly edible is Smart Balance. The one in the red box. It has a super buttery taste to it.

    I would appreciate it if anyone else has any other ‘affordable’ popcorn suggestions. I miss great popcorn!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    We get our popcorn from Kernel Encore in Orlando, FL. I don’t have their phone number or website name – we just go there.

  3. onthecuspofcraft Says:

    We pop our own and make it all tasty with butter (vegan style of course) salt and a heavy sprinkling of nutritional yeast. Some times I’ll use the “greek seasoning” spice for a different flavor. We tried a few microwave poppers and they weren’t very good. One burned the popcorn consistently. We finally splurged on a Cuisinart popper and LOVE it. The popcorn comes out perfect every time. As for the brand popcorn, I simply use the albertsons brand in the plastic baggie.

  4. Erin Says:

    The best popcorn is Tree of Life organic non-buttered popcorn!! It has a great taste plain, so you really don’t need extra toppings!

  5. kittee Says:

    I’m not sure if you’re looking for microwave or not? Me and dazee just buy whatever organic kernels are in the bulk department. We look for organic because we don’t like frankenstein in our snacks, and if it’s organic then we know it’s gmo-free.


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