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Ian’s Pizza = Lame September 9, 2008

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Tonight’s dinner came courtesy of the frozen foods isle of Whole Foods.  It came down to the vegan buffalo wings that we knew were good to the mystery of the vegan french bread pizza.  Boy did we make the wrong choice!  Well, maybe not, because now we know to never ever buy this again.  The pizza in question is Ian’s wheat free, gluten free, vegan french bread pizza with soy cheese.  For just under $6 you get 2 little pizzas on pale french bread with a bit of soy cheese and tomato sauce.  The tomato sauce is bland and peels off like a sheet which was kind of weird and a bit creepy.   The cheese is just the kind of stuff that gives vegan “cheese” a bad name, it’s dry and doesn’t even come close to melting.  And it tastes kind of icky.  But other than that, it’s great!  





2 Responses to “Ian’s Pizza = Lame”

  1. Shenanigans Says:

    EW! That has got to be one of the worst vegan ready-to-eat meals I’ve ever seen! I’ll be sure never to buy it.

  2. The “sauce” looks like a tomato Fruit Roll-up! Yikes.

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