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Eating our way through the state fair August 28, 2008

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Yesterday, Shane and I made our annual trip to the Minnesota State Fair.  We go ever year for the exhibits, carnies, fire eating munchkins, and of course, the food!  You’d be surprised at how much vegan crap there is to eat at the state fair if you know where to look.  Even if you’re on of those weirdo health food vegans ( I know you’re out there!) there are plenty of choices, including fruit galore.  The first nosh of the day was had here:




Delicious piping hot french fries, yay!  Had with soda and ketchup of course. 

Root Beer from Shane’s favorite root beer shack:



Frozen apple cider pops (sooo good and only 75 cents!):


Falafel on a stick and hummus with pita chips from Holy Land:




Not pictured are the samples we had:  Shane had some Peace Coffee and we both had a kettle corn sample.  I wasn’t impressed but Shane liked it.  We didn’t go on any rides but we did make our way through the haunted mansion:



And walking through the midway is always fun:






2 Responses to “Eating our way through the state fair”

  1. Cool! I’m loving that falafel on a stick! Looks like you had a lot of fun there.

  2. Mihl Says:

    I want a falafel on a stick and some fries:)

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