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Shower Cupcakes August 6, 2008

Filed under: Food Talk — Kala @ 12:24 pm


No, not cupcakes you eat while showering, that would be gross!  I made these little lovelies yesterday for a friend’s baby shower at Borealis.  A bunch of us worked together on a really cute knitted and crocheted blanket for her wee one and there were other little gifties as well (Here’s the Flickr link for those interested).


There was a huge spread of food and a surprising amount of it was vegan!  Of course, I’m one of those damned vegans who doesn’t like raw veggies for the most part, so I stayed clear of the veg platter (raw broccoli, ewwww).  The cupcakes I made are a very standard go to recipe that I might share one day (sometime after I die maybe?)  It’s one of those recipes that I worked on for a very long time to get right so I’m annoyingly protective of it, in public anyway.  Of course, there will be no holding back when Shane and I write the inevitable cookbook… 



3 Responses to “Shower Cupcakes”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    They look fabulous! Now get writing so I can try them too.

  2. Tofufreak Says:

    Yum! ditto what suzanne said!

  3. Holy crap! Those look so perfect & fudgy.

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