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A Tale of Two Candy Bars August 1, 2008

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The other day, Mr. Husband and I were at one of the five bazillion natural foods co-ops in the Twin Cities looking for some munchies and stumbled upon some candy in the checkout line.  I was pretty excited because at my level of lactose intolerance, there are only a couple of candy bars that I can have because most vegan chocolate is made on the same equipment as dairy chocolate and has traces of tummy ouchy evil in it.  But anywho, what I picked up was the Boom Choco Boom bar by Enjoy Life, a company that specializes in allergy friendly foods:



So how does it taste?  Pretty darned good.  It’s not life changing, but it’s a yummy chocolate bar that I can have and doesn’t cost ten million dollars (this one was under $2).  Shane also picked something up, but I’ll let him tell you about it:



For my part I picked up another Crispy Cat, the toasted almond one to be exact. Well, I continue to be underwhelmed by the Crispy Cat folks. The filling was a little better tasting than the roasted peanut I posted on several weeks ago. However I would never have guessed it was almonds had I not read the wrapper, the flavor is a generic nutty flavor, but nothing screams almond. The Chocolate was not as good as the peanut, it had even more of an energy bar flavor and did not have a good mouth feel to it at all. I can safely say that is that for the Crispy Cat.


-Kala and Shane


One Response to “A Tale of Two Candy Bars”

  1. That looks tasty! Thanks for the inside shot. I’ve only seen their brand of mini chocolate chips, but no bars. I’ll have to look harder I guess!

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