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Vacation = Pizza! July 12, 2008

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This past week or so, Shane and I were up at my parents’ place on a mini vacation.  And what’s a vacation without pizza?  Of course we had other stuff too (sushi, sesame noodles, nachos…) but the pizza was photographed mostly because you have to let it cool for a few minutes before you can cut it.  The pizza pictured above is a classic one around here, red bell peppers, mushrooms, Tofutti Mozz, homemade sauce, and Gimme Lean sausage balls. 


The other pizza we made was a bit of an experiment:



It’s a nacho pizza with spiced black beans and onions, olives, green onions, cilantro, a spicy sauce, and a mixture of 2 soy cheeses.  Very yummy, especially with sliced avocado on top.      



4 Responses to “Vacation = Pizza!”

  1. Nacho. Pizza. I like how you think!

  2. veganhomemade Says:

    Very nummy looking pizzas.

  3. jessy Says:

    omg – nacho pizza! mmmmmmmmmmmm!

  4. The pictures look good enough to eat!


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