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Vegan ice cream madness and sadness. June 27, 2008

Filed under: Food Talk — veganshane @ 11:06 pm

We stopped by Izzys Ice cream shop today, we knew going in that they were a little on the sloppy side with dairy traces on the equipment, so Kala would be feeling very sick and very sad if she sampled some, but with her urgings I had a cone and here it is soy chocolate with an Izzy scoop (a baby scoop of another flavor ontop of the main flavor) of soy blueberry. First off I think i should have had it the other way around the blueberry really was the star of the show, so  smooth and creamy and the flavor just popped. The chocolate was good but had a lot of ice crystals in it, more than usual in their chocolate. All in all super tasty.

–Shane  Photo: Kala


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