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The not so Crispy Cat May 27, 2008

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The other day Kala and I were in the uptown area of Minneapolis doing wedding stuff, and stopped at the Wedge Co-Op.  Kala had pointed out the Tree Huggin’ Treats Crispy Cat candy bar specifically the dark chocolate and peanut variety. Kala could not try it her self due to the product being made on shared equipment with dairy and the unpleasant reaction that would follow, so allergy sufferers beware.

On to the candy bar itself. The Crispy Cat is a smallish bar, the chocolate is not very dark in appearance looking more like a milk chocolate, and the taste leaves a bit to be desired no real richness or depth do it, its a bit like chocolate in some vegan energy bars, you can tell its chocolate, its just sort of mediocre at best. Inside the chocolate is the peanut rice filling. It had a good peanut taste but no real crunch to it (I was promised crispy!), it was very chewy. On the whole the bar reminded me a bit of the Whatchmacallit candy bars that were around in the 80’s in my child hood/pregan days.

I can’t give this product a glowing recommendation, but if you want a candy bar that is vegan it would be ok in a pinch.


 photos: Kala


2 Responses to “The not so Crispy Cat”

  1. Paulina Says:

    I actually had one of those bars a while back and also didn’t find them to be that great. It’s really a bummer especially since they’re advertised as “vegan candy bars.” They tasted more like a power bar to me.

  2. vegeater Says:

    wow, I’m sad your experience of the Crispy Cat was bad. I think maybe they had a bad run that their quality control didn’t catch, cause I heard some other folks saying they had a couple not-so-good-ones. My advice is: try another one. All the ones I’ve had have been very good. Plus, they are a responsible, small, privately owned (not owned by one of the big bad earth-suckers) company — good people.

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