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The Lazy Vegan – Buffalo Wings April 16, 2008

Filed under: Food Talk,Reviews — Kala @ 8:49 pm


Sometimes you just need something quick and easy for lunch (or dinner) that you can just throw in the microwave or oven and not have to fuss over.  Today was one of those days.  After working in the dirt patch in the front of the apartment that will become a little garden, I wanted me some wings!



The wings in question are Chicken-Free Buffalo Wings from Health is Wealth and they are gooood.  Not quite as spicy as they claim, but I like things pretty spicy.  Caliente if you will 😉  Plus they’re not terrible for you which is nice, lot’s of fiber (as if vegans need more fiber…)



I had mine with a mixture of ketchup and chili sauce on top for some added spice and flavor.  I totally recommend these and will definitely be buying them in the future. 



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