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It Starts With Pancakes April 3, 2008

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Starting a new blog is sort of like staring at a blank piece of paper, or opening up a fresh box of crayons.  The possibilities are endless and that can be a little intimidating.  So what’s this blog all about?  Why Vegan Caliente?  Well…

My fiancee and I like to cook.  And eat.  A lot.  No really, a lot, we talk about food all the time.  And a lot of times, that food is pretty spicy, hence the caliente bit.  Oh, and we’re vegan if you hadn’t guessed!


So let’s start with pancakes.  I made these a couple of mornings ago when we ran out of our usual breakfast staples.  The recipe is from Bittersweet, one of my favorite vegan food/crafting blogs.  It’s a very simple recipe and makes four medium sized pancakes, perfect for two people.  Of course I had maple syrup on top, Shane had bananas on his but he’s a weirdo 😉

Well, that’s it for now!